Font display problem

  • My website is in Chinese, and the font display is problematic on some browsers and it looks very uncomfortable.

    Some browsers display normal, as shown below


    How can I solve it?

    Article example:

    in addition to the built-in fonts, can I customize other fonts?

    WordPressのバージョン : 5.2.2
    ご利用のサーバー名 :
    PHPのバージョン : 7.2
    OS : Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS
    ご利用のブラウザ : chrome
    該当サイトのURL :

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    Hello, Lancelatz.
    I'm Ryota ,one of the JIN management team. Good to see you again.

    I think it's possible to customize it, but I don't know what fonts to introduce.
    We don't know how to add fonts, so you have to deal with it yourself.

    I know exactly how to add fonts, but I can't teach you a reference site because I can't read Chinese. . .
    I'm sorry I can't help you.

  • @ryota
    Hi, ryota.

    I need some help, and I don't know the code. Many aspects are asking friends and searching through search engines. please do not mind.

    1. I want to modify it into Microsoft YaHei font. I found a line of code on the Internet and changed it to this font globally. can you provide a better solution?

    :not([class="icon"]):not(i) {
    font-family: Segoe UI, " Microsoft YaHei" !important;

    1. Maybe in order to display Japanese better, JIN theme need to use "font-weight", but Chinese does not seem to be needed. Is there a way to disable "font-weight" globally?

    2. I want to display the number of readings after the information bar time below the title. Is there a way to achieve this? look like the picture below...


    Have a nice, ryota.

  • So, can anyone help me solve the problem?