Translation problem

  • Hi I just buy the theme,
    How can I translate JIN with poedit, I didn't find any .po or .mo file,
    Please help me : )

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  • Hello, Lancelatz.
    I don't know if it could be an best advice to you or not.
    I think the creators of JIN theme would not responsible for translation problems or maybe you could wait til the creators responses.
    If the poedit does not work for your wordpress, then why don't you try the translation of google and translate the pages that are explaining about how to use JIN theme.
    Herer is the JIN MANUAL link for you.

  • Hi,ジェボ
    Thank you for your advice. I appreciate it.
    If possible, I still want to translate the theme into Chinese.
    I will also spend some time learning how to use this theme on the JIN MANUAL site.

    Have a nice day : )

  • So, that means you wanna translate the JIN theme toChinese itsself.
    ummm...which parts of JIN theme do you want to know in Chinese?
    cuz, most of the wordpress systems are operating by ENG right?
    if you understand in ENG, you could probably change JIN theme language setting to ENG by some way???I'm not sure tho.
    Oh well, hope all things go well with you!
    yap. have a good day to you too!

  • @ジェボ

    Wordpress themes that support multiple languages have a 「languages」 folder.
    Different languages are written to the .po .mo file.
    JIN theme doesn't seem to have this feature yet.

    My English is not very good, if the dashboard is all English, it a little difficult to me. I will choose to translate it into Chinese.
    My friend told me that I could directly replace the Japanese language in the 「.php」file to Chinese.
    I will translate it one by one, it's gonna take some time, but it should be able to complete successfully